Whale whisper


While not quite the tale of a sailor’s obsessive quest for revenge of Ahab or the deep water struggles told in the great novel Man Of The Sea, comes an account of rare opportunity and good fortune for a valuable member of our Ms. B. Haven Sportfishing Team. Setting the scene is not difficult as historical accounts of whale interaction here along the shallow lower Gulf Coast region are extremely rare and spiritual. Likely to have eluded a high percentage of early explorers, seasoned waterman and hosts of others whom have spent a lifetime plying our fertile waters, Capt. Robert Holzinger’s experiences are truly ledgendary and certainly of envy.  

Roughly a year ago on the fishing calendar, guiding prowess found Holzinger pointing the bow of the Ms. B Haven toward fertile fishing grounds northwest of the Naples coastline. From the helm, traversing calm water, the morning felt like all others- tranquil, active and a vibe of optimism from all on board. However, Holzinger’s keen eye detected an unusual surface irregularity off the starboard side. A slight detour in course had the group witnessing a majestic and critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. With decades of scientific study and on the cusp of extinction in the 1970’s, abundant mystery surrounds these creatures of the sea. Void of teeth and foraging off zooplankton with rows of baleen, Right Whales can grow to a length of 55 feet and weigh up to 70 tons. Now idling within close proximity to shore and floating mere inches above a creature so rare to be observed within any ocean let alone the Gulf of Mexico. As one would expect, ample still images and video were taken to document what at the moment was thought to be a once- in- a- lifetime event by Holzinger. Holzinger and crew are ecstatic yet a humbling aura encompasses the Ms. B. Haven before slowing picking up speed and venturing westward to continue their Naples fishing charter experience, While processing and absorbing the early morning events, the crew worked diligently toward caching success with a wide variety of exciting species coming over the rail during their magical Ms. B. Haven Sportfishing adventure. Spectacular would best describe their Naples charter fishing experience. More than a year and countless Naples fishing charters logged by Capt. Holzinger’s, not a day passes without his Right Whale experience being a part of his thoughts while on the commute to the fishing grounds. Within the guiding industry and here at Ms. B. Haven Charters, we always expect the unexpected each day when departing the dock and casting out a line. That axiom would prove itself true with another rare whale interaction with Holzinger at the helm of the Ms. B.Haven. While at anchor in blue waters well beyond 30 nautical miles, one of the most iconic sea creatures worldwide glides up from the Gulf abyss and crashes their Naples fishing charter party. Mesmerized, ecstatic best describes Holzinger and his crew of anglers as one of the most iconic sea creatures worldwide glides up from the Gulf abyss. “Whale shark, whale shark” and surely other expletives were exclaimed as the world’s largest fish of the deep gently made its presence known. Anglers and eco-enthusiasts, whale sharks hold many records in the animal kingdom and this welcome visitor did not disappoint. Estimated at more than 28 feet, the uniquely polka-dotted whale shark made several passes under and around the Ms. B. Haven providing opportunities at capturing video, pictures and physical interaction. Arguable two trips for the Naples charter fishing record books! Experiences so rare and special forever etched in the minds of those on board and providing images captured on film for us to proudly share. A valuable member of our Ms. B. Haven team of captains, clearly Holzinger possesses a six sense of recognizing all the elements pertinent to capitalizing on an array of piscatorial opportunities. However for now, it is certain that Holzinger is bestowed “whale whisperer” status amongst his dock mates and the entire Naples Bay fleet. Come Fish The Ms. B. Haven!