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Nearshore Fishing Naples, FL, has always been a wonderful adventure. It’s not just the number and quality of the fish that call Southwest Florida home, but it’s also the fact that anglers will enjoy beautiful water, dazzling white beaches, amazing restaurants, and lots of friendly natives. Depending on the season and exactly where you cast your line, you can catch a wide variety of species. 

Inshore fishing charters in Naples, Florida, include redfish, spotted seatrout, pompano, tarpon, sheepshead, snook, and drum. If you head offshore, you’ll have the chance to hook up with king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, grouper, sharks, barracuda, and more. Most of the year, the weather is great, too. Of course, tropical storms and hurricanes attack Florida from time to time, and these occurrences can alter fishing strategies. Such is the case with what happened with Hurricane Ian.

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In September of 2022, Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the US coast. The turbulent water and powerful currents changed the underwater landscape. Some old familiar fishing boat trip spots were destroyed while new ones were created. If your Naples charter fishing captain hasn’t kept up with these changes, you’ll probably not have a productive angling trip.

Captain Mike Bailey and associates have stayed on top of things. In fact, he’s secured new, state-of-the-art fishing technology to give his clients the best experience possible. His new equipment includes an HDS Lowrance side scan imaging transducer and a Rhodan GPS anchoring system. These two systems work together to locate new structures that hold fish, find fish, get the boat to the precise location quickly, and position the boat directly over these new fishing hotspots and shark fishing trips, giving you the best chance to hook that fish of a lifetime.

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How does the HDS Lowrance Side-scan sonar technology improve your best fishing charters’ Naples, Florida, trip? First of all, its 3-D structure scan allows you to see under the boat, and its side scan allows you to see 200 feet out on both sides of the boat. This allows the captain to find new structures that a traditional bottom machine simply wouldn’t. Not only can you see these areas clearly, but you can also see them from multiple viewing angles. This strategy creates a lot of new opportunities for our Anglers

Fishing pressure has increased steadily over the years, making it much harder to target such a wide variety of gulf species. These advancements in marine technology and sonar have helped tremendously in separating fishing and catching.

GPS Lock Rhodan Trolling Motor

The GPS anchoring system by Rhodan trolling motors is the only GPS trolling motor that uses a submeter accuracy GPS. What does that mean? The size of the circle around a specific location point, or radius, defines how accurate the GPS is. While a large circle won’t be very accurate, a small circle will be very accurate. The GPS on this trolling motor provides a radius of less than one meter, roughly about three feet. Now that’s accurate! Imagine doing some Naples fishing and being able to pinpoint a “hot spot” that closely.

While the Lowrance is great, they create a deadly combination when paired with the GPS Lock Rhodan Trolling Motor. The Rhodan GPS Lock trolling motor holds the boat on the fish you’ve located. No more time wasted factoring in winds and tide to drop anchor, which may not position the boat in the appropriate location to catch fish actively.

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Let’s say you’re out enjoying your day, fishing Naples, and you locate some fish you want to target. Perhaps you’re on a ledge or some other underwater structure. You want to stay in that exact spot because the action is great. With waves and Gulf currents, this can be extremely difficult to do. Even with a good anchor in place, the boat is going to swing off your hot spot. With the GPS anchor lock, though, the boat stays put. It’s amazing! And it’s done so quickly and easily. That means more fish and more fishing tours in Naples, Florida, for you.

With this type of equipment, Naples charter fishing has never been better. Just make sure you book your trip with a captain who has the proper equipment and is proficient in utilizing it. Not all boats possess such cutting-edge technology. Fortunately for you, Captain Mike, Captain Robert, and Captain Ken have the aforementioned equipment on all their boats, and they know exactly how to take full advantage of it. Ms. B. Haven charters will find the fish, put you on them, and keep you on them. You won’t be frustrated by wasting time pulling in and resetting the anchor or swinging off your intended location. Book yourself an all-day fishing trip to Naples, Florida, and be amazed by this new technology!