Sunset Cruises to Private Beach Trips to Everything In Between


Although we specialize in turning people’s fishing dreams into memories, we know that not everyone is as crazy about fish as we are. So that’s why we’re able to modify our trips in the month of May to introduce our land-loving friends to what life is like out on the water without fully committing to a day full of fishing. We’ve listed some of our favorite activities below but don’t forget we can fulfill just about anything you’ve got in mind. 



Shelling On Private Beaches

Naples is home to some of the most exquisite, beautiful beaches in the world and while you’re walking along the soft, white sands, it’s common to find some equally beautiful shells. People come from all over the world just to add shells from SWFL to their collection, so since beaches are now back open in Collier County, we can take you out for a shelling adventure right in your very own backyard. 


Pink & Orange Skies

One of our favorite ways to relax on the water, when we’re not fishing of course, is to take in the beauty of a sherbert colored sunset. Watching the sunset just never gets old! You can fill the cooler on board with your favorite drinks and snacks and we’ll leave the dock around golden hour so you’ll have plenty of time to relax with your loved ones before we anchor up just off the beach. Seeing the sunset from the water is a completely different experience from seeing it on land and you’ll capture some of the best photos.

Let’s Catch Lunch

Fresh, locally caught seafood can be hard to find plus can get a bit expensive if you want to stock up. If you’re looking to bring home the freshest fish possible but not everyone in your family loves fishing, we can spend the morning in the backwaters of Naples so everyone can get a taste of what they like best. Suntanning on the front of our boat, a history lesson from our Naples native captains and a tour from the water of some of the most expensive houses in Florida can all be accomplished while you’ve got rods in the water. Plus by the end of the morning, you’ll have the chance to bring home some freshly caught and fileted fish that you can throw on the grill for lunch time.  

If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It

At Ms. B. Haven Charters, we’re all about turning your dreams into memories–even if those dreams don’t always include fishing. Give Captain Mike a call at 239-825-4292 and tell him how you want to spend some time on the water.