Our Captain’s Top 3 Favorite Set Ups


If you’ve been out on the water with one of our captains, you know they’ve always got a solution for anything and everything you want to catch. Captain Robert and Captain Ken have shared their top three favorite set ups for fishing in Southwest Florida to give you a little insight on how they bring so many fish to the boat for their clients.fishinnaples

Chicken Rig

The chicken rig works great for Grouper and Snapper offshore. Experienced and novice anglers alike favor this set up because it keeps the bait suspended off the bottom.

Knocker rig

This may be a simple looking rig but like most things in life, simple is usually better. Our captains like this one because the weight holds the bottom while the cut/live bait is able to float away from the weights. It attracts a bite both inshore and offshore.

Flat Line

This usually consists of a 20lb leader and no weight which allows the bait to swim freely in the water column, depending on the tide situation. This setup works great for Snook, Redfish and Trout when inshore and Mackerel, Bonita, Snapper and Triple Tail when offshore.

Our Naples native fishing captains hope these setup tips help you out when you’re out fishing on the waters of Southwest Florida yourself! But if this isn’t landing or you want to learn a little more from the pros, give us a call at 239-825-4292 to book a charter with Ms. B. Haven!