Naples Tarpon Fishing Tips From Our Captains


Although the amount of trips we are taking have slowed down a bit due to COVID, Tarpon have been keeping us on our toes in April! In this month’s blog we’re hooking you up on some Tarpon fishing tips from our captains and giving some insight on why landing these prehistoric beasts is done best with a professional. If you happen to be looking for a relaxing day out on the water and want to bring home some fish to fry up, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered–check out this blog instead. But if you’re looking for a good fight, keep reading–our Naples native fishing guides will show you a fishing experience you’ll never forget.


Where To Find Them

It’s a huge misconception that Boca Grande is the only place to land Tarpon. All of our Captains are Florida born and raised and can attest that these beauties are found throughout Florida, especially along the beaches of Naples. When Tarpon migrate up the beaches, Captain Robert and Captain Kenyon can easily target them when the waters are smoother from east hitting winds. They can be found swimming in both small schools and schools of over 100+ but no matter how many are near the boat, you’ll have to understand their behavior to land one. 

Tarpon Behavior

Silver Kings, a common nickname for Tarpon, have been targeted by anglers longer than nearly any other kind of fish–Thomas Edison even moved to Southwest Florida just to fish for them. But because humans have been hunting them for so long, they’ve developed humanesque personalities of their own. Taking into account where they’re at in their lifespan, the location of the sun and the behavior of the school are all things that change the way you’d fish for them.

Fishing at first light is always your best bet to hook a Tarpon because that’s when they feed. As the sun starts to come up, they start to get smarter and more finicky so adjusting the size of your fluorocarbon and leader is key as the sun gets brighter because they’ve got great eyesight. Did you know Tarpon are one of the few marine species that are to come up for air? When you’ve got one bending your rod, keep tabs on how often they’re coming up for air because the more air they have, the harder your fight will be. 


Save A Pretty Penny

Tarpon fishing is without a doubt less expensive and more fun when you fish with a captain. Targeting these fish isn’t something you want to just wing on your own, especially because if you aren’t using a high end setup, because you could end up hurting the fish if the battle is taking too long. Bait alone will run you about $4.50 for a single crab so imagine how much money you’d rack up once you add on the right kind of hooks, line, rod and reel (not including the boat to get you out to the fish). But thankfully we’re in the business of getting people out on the water without emptying your pockets and landing you on fish safely.


Now Booking Naples Tarpon Trips

Our Naples native fishing guides are offering discounts on our trips in the month of May so you can remember COVID season as the time when you landed the Tarpon of your dreams. Give us a call at 239.825.4292 to chat with us on how we can accommodate your budget and schedule.