Naples Fishing Charter Trips


Naples fishing trips are a great outdoor family activity during spring break for groups of all ages. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery or venture offshore to learn some new fishing skills and techniques, we have it all. The Ms. B. Haven crew takes pride in what we do, we try very hard for our customers and provide quality trips on a daily basis.

About the Captains

All four of our captains are Naples Native guides. What does this mean? Each and every one of our guides were born and raised where we fish on a daily basis and have been navigating the local waterways throughout their entire childhoods. This gives the Ms. B. Haven crew a unique advantage and gives you the angling opportunities to fish locations known only to our native guides; their vast local knowledge is unmatched by other charter captains. Another unique advantage we have over our competition is that our fleet is younger than most. How does this benefit you? The majority of older guides that have been around for a long time are wore down and in it solely for the money. Our captains are an exception to this. They feel blessed to make a living fishing, they take every day as a new challenge, and more times than not get more excited than the anglers themselves when big fish are hooked! They are full of energy and life, and are motivated day in and day out to try as hard as possible to put you on the fish.

Captain Mike Bailey

With over 30 years in the charter fishing industry Captain Mike redefines the term “Old Salt”. After years in the sun, the sea has taken his toll on his overall health. Prior to the 2015 season Mike decided it was time to turn over the reins. Now as full time business manager and fill in captain, Ms B Haven Fishing & Eco tours runs like a well-oiled machine. Providing expert advice and mentoring to his guides, Mike is a true professional, and will do whatever it takes to make your experience a memorable one.

Captain Hunter Robertson

Captain Hunter Robertson is fast becoming one of the most sought after guides in the Southwest Florida area. This will mark Hunter’s tenth year guiding clients to fish of a lifetime for a living. In addition, Hunter has spent the last eight summers in Alaska guiding fishing and hunting trips out of Port Alexander. Owner and Operator of the vessel “Fish Hunter” he has a nose for finding fish even in the toughest of conditions, and is a true pleasure to spend a day on the water with.

Hunter Robertson was fantastic!!!

One of the best days of our kids’ visit! Captain Hunter Robertson was exceptional in every way. He knows the waters well and was awesome in navigating to the active spots. We felt like we had the ocean to ourselves. We’ve fished on the Cape and Hilton Head, but here is where we had plenty of catches for some excellent dinners! Hunter cleaned our catch impeccably. Have already recommended him to others and we look forward to more fishing trips in the future!

Captain Stephen Iannotta

Captain Stephen was born in Marco Island and raised in Naples. Owning his first 13 foot Boston Whaler at the age of 13, Stephen has been skipper as long as he can remember. With a knack for producing fish on a daily basis he is often requested and is a fan favorite. He recently welcomed our newest addition, Brayden James Iannotta, who has been a true blessing to the Ms B Haven family. Stephen is the captain of the “Fish Hunter II” and is a true professional.

The Best Gulf Catching Day with Captain Stephen Iannotta

Capt. Stephen was so professional and knowledgeable about catching fish in the Gulf! Best private charter catching experience we have ever had! Every stop we caught not only fish, but many varieties of snapper and grouper. Our last hour we were serenaded by jumping king fish that Capt. Stephen taught us how to not only catch, but to maneuver this aggressive larger fish into the boat. On our return to the dock he prepared our many fish filets to take home. I would highly recommend Captain Stephen and will be booking again soon!

Captain Drake Noble

Captain Drake is the newest addition to the Ms B Haven crew and a welcomed one at that. This will be his third season as a full time Naples guide. Born and raised here, Drake has a background in offshore fishing. He has a gift for always bringing catches back to the cleaning table time and time again. As captain of the “Ms B Haven” he has received glowing customer reviews and has a great overall fishing sense.

Fantastic day on the water!

Capt. Drake gave us such an awesome day on the water. We caught fish (my husband caught his first snook), toured the mangroves, visited a secluded beach, and fished some more. There were 4 people in our party of various ages and interests. Everyone had a great time. Can’t wait to book another trip next time we are in the Naples area. Captain Drake was very knowledgeable and was very willing to teach us the art and skill of fishing in the area. He was friendly, courteous, and helpful throughout the entire trip. We give him an “excellent” grade and highly recommend him as a guide for your trip.

About the Boats

The Ms B Haven fleet is composed of three boats: “Fish Hunter”, “Fish Hunter II”, and “Ms B Haven”. All 3 boats are Parker hulls that were custom outfitted and designed by our very own captains to make them one of a kind. We specifically designed the boats for our Southwest Florida waters and they are unique to the area. On any given day we have the ability to fish in a foot of water or up to 30 miles offshore. Outfitted with the latest electronics and up to date safety equipment we firmly believe our fleet is the best in the business.

Types of trips offered

We offer a wide variety of trips, and do our best to accommodate you and whatever type trip best suits your needs. These trips include; 1/2, 3/4, and full day trips. We also offer shark fishing trips, night fishing trips, Eco tours, Sampler trips, and Sunset Cruises.

½, ¾, and Full day Trips These trips are designed for our fisherman. We offer the option of near shore, inshore, or offshore (deep sea) fishing.

Inshore Fishing

Naples Inshore Fishing Charters provide the angler the fun and excitement of light tackle fishing the backwater canals, inlets bays & other waterways. We often use shrimp for bait, but occasionally net our own live baits as well.

Fish that can be caught inshore include:

  • Trout
  • Snapper
  • Snook
  • Redfish
  • Tarpon Drum
  • Pompano
  • Ladyfish
  • Sheepshead
  • Catfish

Nearshore and Deep Sea Fishing

Offshore Fishing is our most commonly requested fishing option. When fishing in the Gulf of Mexico anglers will visit artificial reefs, sunken boats as well as other natural structures and habitats. Fishing is generally action packed, providing the opportunity at both big fish as well as table fare.

Fish that can be caught offshore include:

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Shark
  • King Mackerel
  • Cobia
  • Permit
  • Grouper
  • Barracuda
  • Red Fish
  • Snapper
  • Tarpon

Shark Trips and Night Fishing Trips

These trips are both by request only and are left solely at the captain’s discretion. Night Fishing trips typically target snappers. Shark fishing trips target sharks of all sizes and are subject to time of year.

Eco-Friendly Trips

This is not your ordinary Eco-tour where you are packed on a boat with 20+ other people. This is a private tour for up to 6 people looking to explore the coastal area barrier islands, dunes, Lagoons and Tidal Rivers for marine wildlife, flora/fauna & seashells that help to make Florida the third most ecologically diverse state. Based on the interests of the visitors an Eco Friendly charter can include dolphin encounters, bird watching, shelling & learning about the history of the Naples area from your captain who is a Naples native fishing guide that has spent his life navigating these waters. Visitors can also see the beautiful and luxurious homes and waterfront areas.

Sampler Trips

Sampler trips are one of our most requested trips. This is an eco friendly trip that includes an option to fish. These are great for families with small kids, but are perfect for groups of all ages. Our most popular sampler style trip is our “Sunrise Sampler”. Leaving the dock a few minutes before dawn gives you the opportunity to beat the boat traffic, watch a beautiful sunrise from the water, as well as greatly increasing your chances of seeing marine life you may not otherwise see

Customer Reviews

Ms B Haven Fishing & Eco Tours has hit the road running on Trip Advisor. We are honored to have a 5.0 rating, and are rated number 1 of 125 outdoor activities to do in Naples. We are approaching 400 reviews fast and take pride in what our customers have to say about their overall experience with our team. We firmly believe that our customer’s satisfaction on trip advisor is a true testament to our success and the fact that we are the best charter fleet in all of Naples.

Please take a second of your time and read more of our customer reviews on We thank you for your time and look forward to spending a day on the water with you!