Naples Fishing Adventure – Hey Fish, Thanks for the Battle!


What started out as a much needed Naples Fishing “guy’s trip” for lifelong friends Jon and Pat; quickly turned into an adventure these dads would never forget. Day one aboard the Ms. B Haven started out strong with two Goliath grouper weighing over 200lbs, two sharks over 6 feet long followed by a fun filled afternoon fishing Naples cherished waters for snapper and grouper.

English: Epinephelus Itajara (Goliath grouper)- Naples Fishing

English: Epinephelus Itajara (Goliath grouper) 


Day two of Naples Fishing

brought even more grouper and snapper to add to the dinner menu.  Then, just when Jon and Pat thought the trip couldn’t get any better with Captain Mike Bailey, they spotted a large tiger shark swim by.  The shark was attracted by the fish being reeled in thinking this would be his next meal.  Once they got a close up view of this incredible 13 foot approximately 800lb beast, John and Pat were beyond excited to try to tackle the monster of a fish. Capt. Mike quickly went into action and handed Pat a big goliath rod with 150 lb test line and a 300 lb wire leader. They teased the shark with a whole Spanish mackerel and within ten minutes they had him where they wanted him……… and the battle began. Once Pat was swiftly strapped into the belt for a stand up fight, they pulled up the anchor and started an hour long battle.

Following a lot of blood, sweat, and cursing, the tiger shark was finally brought in alongside the boat. Now, Captain Mike with


English: Tiger shark - Naples Fishing

English: Tiger shark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the gloves, Pat with the rod, and Jon with the camera; as the shark started whipping its huge mouth open biting the air, they thought they had the perfect video. What an awesome moment had by all. With anticipation peaking, they quickly checked the footage only to find that Jon had accidentally placed his finger over the lens missing the awesome shot of this beast smiling at them. With day two of charter fishing in Naples complete it was time for these two dads to return home to their families.

Needless to say this was an experience like none other. If you would like to read more about this Naples fishing trip after returning home, Jon was so pleased with his fishing charter in Naples, FL that he took the time to write about his experience on the Ms. B Haven Fishing-TRIP ADVISOR page