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Eco-Friendly Trips

Spend time on a private charter trip focused on taking in all of your surroundings in search of native wildlife, collecting colorful seashells plus learn interesting facts and history about the area from your Captain who is a Naples Native fishing guide.
Florida is a nearly flat lowland that gently slopes to the sea on the east and west coasts. This lowland has unique physical features that are associated with the diverse ecosystems that exist here. The predominantly low-lying topography was created by fluctuating sea levels over time. Coastal features include dunes, barrier islands, lagoons and tidal rivers, which were formed by tides, currents and winds. Florida is known as the 3rd most ecologically diverse state after Hawaii and California.

Private Beach Trips


Dolphins are very intelligent, friendly marine mammals and our guests have the unique opportunity to see them up close and personal, jumping, playing and interacting with each other in their natural environment. Our boats cruise the water creating the perfect wave for the dolphins to jump through, in fact they frequently swim right up to and along side the boat.
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Bird Watching

Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades are located on a highly traveled flight path for migrating birds that pass through and stop to rest. During the winter months, when migration is in full swing, you can expect to see the greatest diversity of bird species. Birds you may encounter include:

White and Brown pelicans
Roseate Spoonbills
White Ibises
Great Blue Herons
Green Herons
Snowy Egrets,
Red-Shouldered Hawks
Bald Eagles
Ospreys and many more.
The best Bird watching can be found at low tide in mangrove waterways.


Florida is known for its pristine beaches and shelling opportunities, although nothing comes close to the world renowned beaches of Keewaydin Island located just a few miles south of Naples bay. Access to Keewaydin is only possible by boat and many believe it to have some of the best shelling in the world.