Best Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore Fishing Charters

With over 8,000 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, it’s not surprising that Florida is famous for its incredible angling. People travel from all over the world to fish the bountiful waters of the Sunshine State, whether it’s from a pier, in the surf, or aboard one of the many Florida guided fishing trips. For those unfamiliar with navigating the area, an offshore fishing charter is your best bet. Naples is one of Florida’s top “hot spots” for a wide variety of desired fish species. The weather in Southwest Florida is pretty warm all year, and compared to the Atlantic, the waters are generally much calmer. Offshore fishing charters in Naples target species such as cobia, barracuda, tarpon, snook, amberjack, African pompano, and numerous species of snappers and groupers. Anglers might even get the chance to battle a legendary Goliath grouper – an experience of a lifetime! The state boasts many talented, reputable fishing guides who use well appointed boats and the latest equipment and technology to ensure successful excursions for their clients. An experienced guide or captain knows the waters, the feeding patterns of local fish, and all the typical fish hangouts. The captains, mates, and guides will do everything in their power to make sure their clients have a wonderful time. Most offshore fishing charter boats offer their anglers bottled water and ice on the boat to keep drinks, food, and fresh catch cool for the day. Fishing licenses, bait, and the necessary tackle needed are provided, too. All you’ll need to bring are snacks, drinks, hats or caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen. As for clothing, you might want to dress in layers. Depending on the season, the wind can get nippy at times, especially on the way to and from the fishing grounds. A long-sleeve shirt over a short-sleeve tee is a good idea. Once the boat stops moving and the sun heats up, you can shuck the former and be cool and comfy.

If you’re dreaming about a Naples fishing trip, continue reading to learn more about making your angling dream come true. 

1. Choose the Right Charter Boat Captain

Search the internet, and you’ll find lots of guides and captains offering their services. All captains, however, are not created equal, so you’ll need to do your homework. Find out how long he/she has been a fishing boat captain or guide. How long has he/she been fishing this particular area? What do reviews from former clients say?

2. Choose the Right Boat

Even a great captain can’t make up for a sub-standard boat, so make sure you find a boat that fits your needs. How many anglers are in your party? Be sure to choose a boat that’s large enough to accommodate your group. Make sure the boat has the latest equipment and technology, too, so that fish can be easily located. Also, a boat with larger engines will be faster and get you to fishing spots more quicky. That means less time traveling and more time fishing.

3. Choose the Right Trip

Most Naples fishing charters offer clients a choice of trips. Depending on the season, you might get to choose which species you want to target. Most of the time, you’ll also get to choose the length of the trip. If this is your first offshore fishing charter, you might want to start with the shortest trip available.

4. Know Before You Go

The best way to be prepared for your Florida fishing trip is to ask questions before you book a charter:

*Where do I meet the boat? What time?

*Am I allowed to bring food and drinks? Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

*Are kids allowed on the charter?

*What species might we catch?

*What happens if the weather is too bad to leave port?

*Will I be allowed to keep any fish?

*Do you clean the fish I catch?

*How much should I tip the deckhands?

*What time will we return to shore?

A good captain will gladly answer all your questions and tell you what to expect. Of course, no one has a crystal ball that tells which fish will be biting on any given day, but an experienced guide or captain can give you a pretty good idea.

If you decide to take the plunge and book a Naples fishing charter, you can’t go wrong with Captain Mike Bailey at Fishinnaples. Captain Mike always does his best to ensure that every angler aboard has an unforgettable adventure, including kids, novice anglers, those with special needs, and experienced fishermen. Our top-notch boats are fast, comfortable, and equipped with all the latest technology to provide you with an amazing trip.

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Tight lines and hope to see you soon!